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Electric Vehicle In India

  • (Globally, automotive industry is passing through a paradigm shift.)



It is time to embrace electric mobility because of fast depletion in fossil fuels depletion in world, resulting in increased energy cost, environmental concerns and climate change.


As per the Vision AMP 2026, by 2026 the Indian Automotive industry will be among the top three of the world in automobile sector. While several starts and stops of the EV industry in the second half of the 20th century helped show the world the promise of the technology, two turning points led to the true revival of the EV – Gas shortages and Global warming.


Why to EV: 


1) No petrol/diesel/gas required

2) Higher acceleration and smooth riding experience 

3) No emissions, 100% eco-friendly 

4) More savings: per km charges for EV are much less than fossil fuel vehicles, thus saving money.

5) Safe to Drive: when accident occurs chances of explosion and consequent fire are minimal as there is no explosive fuel stored in vehicle.

6) Life cycle cost and maintenance to go down, thus lowering the ownership cost. Insurance is also likely to come down due to substantial less numbers of moving parts

7) Reduced Noise Pollution


What BDB Point Does? 

BDB EV, Is an Electric Vehicle charging Infra Company, Looking at global warming scenario, governments all over world are looking at various means to reduce carbon footprints & make India as towards green & Clean Environment, We are an one stop Solution for EV’s, With Open Smart IOT based Fully automates and supports a unmanned EV Charging station that will contribute to India’s largest target for reduced carbon emission by enabling 40% of EV’s on road by 2030 as per Paris climate agreement.


BDB EV have developed an Mobile based application & Central Management System-“BDB POINT” an Cloud based service which is heart of each charging Station, For Operation Monitoring, Maintenance & Service with user friendly Smart & simple to understand and operate Application User Interface with largest network of Payment gateways for valid & Safe transaction of payments per charging session & paid by customer and auto generated Invoice for settlement.

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