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Frequently Asked Questions

Is phone no is compulsory for creating an account?

Yes, it was Compulsory.

Can user recover his/her account through email id and/or phone no.

Yes. User will get OTP, and with the help of OTP user can recover his/ her account.

Can user view the estimated price for charging?

Yes, User can view the estimated price of charging in information panel.

Can user edit his profile information?

Yes, User can edit his profile information under my profile section.

Can User change his Mobile no?

No, It was one time, can’t change.

Can user view his/her Booking Details?

Yes, User can view his booking details

Can user view the details of cancelled booking?

Yes, User can view the details of cancelled booking.

Can User pay after charging

Yes, User can pay after charging, User needs to select pay later option at payment getaway page.

Can user cancel the booking?

Yes, User can chancel the booking any time.

Can User view his booking record month wise?

Yes, User can view his record month wise. User need to select the month in filter section user can also select the customize date.

What is the significance of green, orange and yellow charging station?

  • Green signifies available charging point,
  • Orange signifies not available charging point,
  • Yellow signifies deactivated charging point.

Can user view his invoice?

Yes, User can view his invoice under booking history section.

Can user pay the charging though Net banking?

Yes, User can pay via net banking, additional to other payment gateways.