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About Us

Art of Enabling EV Charging Systems


We are at BDB EV Solution

Born to serve EV Charging & related Services. We have been working with customer driven and market oriented organizations.
We would like to grow the EV Systems & Charging infrastructure in manner that application is convenient to use & operate by any person with largest network of Charging Station.
  •  Supply of EV charger (Hardware)
  • Installation of EV Charger
  • Electrical/general work for EV charger Installation (Cables, MCB, from LT Panel to EV Charger etc)
  • Design & making of Foundation or frame etc
  •  Apply to New meter under EV Tariff & SD for load sanction.
  •  AMC for EV Chargers (Hardware)
  • Software connectivity to CMS (Cloud Server) with AMC services (24X7 connectivity)
  • Integration of EV charger with user Mobile app
  •  I&C of EV Charger with Training to user.
  • Stickers/Boards near to EV charger for HOW to USE etc?
  •   Charging Payment Collection Services/user/transactions via APP itself.
  • Training to User/facility until understanding.